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Breeding Fashion For Life

Charmed Breedables 1

Charmed Breedable Fashions Fashion for Life Set

I’ve seen Charmed Breedable Fashions around Second Life as they’ve presented themselves to the grid, but I kept my distance until recently when I picked up this Boho set, available at the upcoming Fashion For Life event (March 9th through 17th). As I was unpacking the shoeboxes to figure out how they worked, I began killing the poor shoes, but before I could decide that breedables should join vehicles on the list of things I shouldn’t be allowed in Second Life I got an IM from a friendly customer service representative for the company (I didn’t have to IM them…talk about customer service). My ID10T error was quickly resolved and company owner, Sebastian Viper, was kind enough to give me a tour of the Charmed Breedable facilities and some background information about the company.

Sebastian, an avid horse breeder with entrepreneurial mind, began considering making his own kind of breedable in Second Life. While discussing the possibilities with his partner in both SL and RL, Bailey Viper, she said, “The only breedable I want in SL is breedable shoes!” The joke turned into the concept behind Charmed Breedables and over the course of a year, the concept became reality.

Charmed Breedables 2

Charmed Breedable Fashions shoes in their home.

Charmed Breedable Fashions takes breeding to a new level by allowing people to breed shoes to create new styles with varying colors. While the shoes start out with random styles, combining pairs can lead to unique possibilities. Shoes are available in both male and female styles and, like most breedables, the shoes need a few things to survive. First, they need a home to live in and Charmed Breedable Fashions provides a variety of options for breedable shoe storage. They are designed to be low prim and allow breeders to arrange their shoes however they choose. The displays provide a simple way to watch shoe happiness, enchantment and health.

Charmed Breedables 3

What shoe isn’t happier after a nice polish?

Happiness for shoes is built by the presence of shoe polish, a substance designed to make the shoes feel loved and cared for while keeping their colors bright and their fabric clean. The presence of shoe polish helps the shoes increase their happiness stats while the enchanted broom increases enchantment stats. When both stats are high enough, the shoe pair is able to breed. Breeding isn’t determined by gender. Any pair of shoes can breed.

Charmed Breedables 4

Waiting to grow up.

While being kept for breeding, shoes are a 4 prim object that displays a 2 dimensional image of the basic shoe style and colors, a place to show a heart for breeding readiness and room to show an alert if the shoes should get sick. The shoes can live for 155 days and have a total of 22 offspring. Baby shoes are delivered in a shoe cradle that looks like a baby cradle. Each pair of shoes has individual flair points that be spent when turning the pair into a wearable item. Conversion takes place with a Shoe Design Bag that enables users to enhance shoe styles with flair elements like bows, stitches, and ribbons, then creates actual, functional footwear from the carefully bred item. All wearables are transfer, so they can be sold or given as gifts. Once made wearable, shoes can no longer breed and no longer need maintenance.

In addition to breeding for new and unique styles, Charmed Breedable Fashions has a special prize hidden for industrious breeders. A special glass slipper is able to be bred from the right combination of footwear and the lucky person who finds the prize will be awarded with a voucher good for a real life pair of shoes valued between $300 and $400 USD. For those who aren’t interested in designer real life footwear, finding such a slipper would be incredibly valuable at auction, so be sure to pick up your set at Fashion For Life, open your shoe boxes and start playing with your shoes. You never know what you’ll find as you combine your favorite footwear.

A few caveats so you don’t abort your shoes during birth like I did: Make sure you have enough prims for the birth. Touch the shoebox to start the birthing process. Do NOT open the box and pull things out of the box. *blush*



Fashion for Life, Coming March 9th through 17th


March 9th – March 17th

FASHION FOR LIFE 2013 opens to the public at 12pm SLT on March 9th and runs for a whole week.

Visit the 9 sims and see the latest SL styles and accessories, party in the event zones and watch fashion shows produced by a range of top agencies.

FASHION FOR LIFE is helping to raise funds and awareness on behalf of RELAY FOR LIFE, so shop until you drop and help support this good cause.


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One comment on “Breeding Fashion For Life

  1. Pebbles Curtiss
    March 2, 2013

    One of a kind breedable!!!! SL was in need of a Fresh innovated idea for breedables. But Sebastian007 Viper and Bailey Iridescent went above and beyond with these amazing shoes. Breedable and Fashion all in one wow!! I often wanted to design my own shoes and couldn’t, thanks to these two I now can. :0)

    Charmed I’m Sure,
    Sassy1 Fizzle

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