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Meet the Divas






Three lovely divas have stepped forward to share their beauty and thoughts about entering the Miss Wigstock contest coming on January 27th. Meet Zsa Zsa LaHore, Zaza, and Miss Creme BruLay.

Miss Wigstock Juve Wheelwright

Zsa Zsa LaHore

SL Name: Juve Wheelwright

Stage Name: Zsa Zsa LaHore

What does drag mean to you:

Drag is not only funny. Drag can be a misery and a lot of style. And that is what it means to me. (In true proper diva fashion, Zsa Zsa chose not to reveal her costume hair until the competition. Can’t expect a lady to share all her style secrets, can you?)


Miss Wigstock Miguel Hartsky


SL Name:Miguel Harsley

Stage Name: Zaza

What does drag mean to you:

Drag queens are performers who cross dress in a Burlesque way of showing a gay orientaion through exuberant female clothing and accessories, and also an attitude to show some pride, fantasizing up comic or exaggerated in order generally professional artistic. To me personally it’s a funny way to play and have fun.


Miss Wigstock Silvano Korobase

Miss Creme BruLay


SL Name: Silvano Korobase

Stage Name: Miss Creme BruLay

What does drag mean to you:

Female illusion (or drag) is an art form in the purest sense. Since the first man put on a dress there has been an ongoing debate as to whether of not it was misogynistic. I would now like to set this record straight. For me as a man to dress as a woman, and come before you now, is in no way meant by me to be disrespectful to women. Rather, it is to honor the women who have made great impacts in my real life and Second Life. My mother in RL. who raised me as a single parent, taught me unconditional love — and the women of my second life like Ponchituti Boucher and Mrs Cara Vespucciano-Grantham who gave me the gifts of modeling and training that I needed to achieve my dreams thus far in Second Life. Drag is not the whole of me — but it is a part of me. It defines my love of performing arts while paying homage to the feminine aspects in my life. Wearing a specific style of clothing will not make you anything other than what you are to begin with. Wearing a dress never made anyone gay — but in the famous words of Gianni Versace “It takes a real man to wear a dress”. My name is Silvano Korobase and I am proud to introduce you to Miss Creme BruLay (my drag personae) at this year’s Miss Wigstock. Thank you.



5 comments on “Meet the Divas

  1. hethwen
    January 18, 2013

    Miss Creme BruLay… elequent and GORGEOUS !!!

    January 18, 2013


  3. JUJU Bee
    January 18, 2013

    Hotboy Lives forever!!!!

  4. Tricky LeBon
    January 18, 2013

    Gl To everyone. ^_^

  5. moondanceboutique
    January 19, 2013

    Miss Creme BruLay put tears in my eyes. Damn good answer

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