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The Not-Just-Breedable-Pets Are Here! Join the Game.

Booshies Uncommon Skin Felitera

Booshies Felitera with Uncommon Skin

For half a year, the rumor has existed that cute creatures going by the collective name of “Booshies” were on their way to Second Life. With rumors that the world is ending now behind us, we can relish the fact that Booshies are now upon us (or will be tomorrow evening). The long-awaited release of these cute, breedable, battleable companions is tomorrow, December 22nd, 2012 in the evening SLT.

Aqua Element Bonkle

Aqua Element Bonkle

These critters are cute, but Booshies aren’t just about breeding the animals. Booshies is an entire game combining elements of pet breeding, MMORPG questing and crafting, and guild and community cooperation. Booshie owners are able to battle their beasts, learn skills to help them earn Booshbucks (game currency, which can be used to purchase food, Booshies, or manufactured goods), and explore the land of Booshtopia to gather ores, gems, and other valuable finds to aid in skills or battle.

Booshies Flora Girecko

Flora Girecko

Watch the official site at and stop by Booshtopia to grab your eggs and get started on a grand new adventure in Second Life. These pets and this game are sure to add some spice to your days and nights on the grid.




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